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Risky is the New Safe

Why the old rules will keep you broke and how you can get in front of trends to become wealthy. Universities are out – online training is in. Collectivism is dead – only free enterprise can save us. Marketing is over – engagement and social media will rule the day.

The New Religion of Ideas

"Savvy employees will become idea generators, and declare as free agents. Shrewd companies will compete to sign the premier free agents."

Are We Raising a Nation of Idiots?

"The U.S. education system is hastening its irrelevance. Much of the curriculum taught is no longer relevant to the real world. Children don't need to be able to recite facts and dates. Any eight-year-old kid with a smartphone can get that information within seconds. Students need an education that helps them develop critical thinking skills. We're fast approaching the time when an MBA or PhD from a prestigious university is going to look fairly weak compared to a solid six-month online training certificate in a specialized field like video game programming or mobile app design, or spaceship engine repair."

The New World Order

"The former Soviet Block countries are embracing free enterprise while the West is getting lazy and lagging behind. They're beating us at our own game."

How Genius Entrepreneurs Channel and Harness Ego for Results

"Conventional wisdom says the ego is bad. Yet a look at the high level achievers Napoleon Hill studied, as well as some of this generation's brightest success stories like Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, reveals they have strong egos."

Seven Billion Channels

Soon there will be no delineation between broadcast networks, cable, satellite and Internet content. No lines between smartphone, tablet, PC and TV screens. Who will be the big winners and who will be the big losers?

When Virtual Reality Gets Real

"Virtual life looks a lot more inviting than actual life. Picture owning a holo-suite franchise that provides people with a place to come after work where they can experience virtual reality vacations, concerts, acting out their favorite movies or novels, climbing a mountain, defeating the Nazis (or the Klingons), playing guitar with Eric Clapton, singing a duet with Placido Domingo, hitting a home run off of Greg Maddux, blocking the shot from Lionel Messi, or drinking tea with the Dali Llama."

Revenge of the Nerds

Why contrarians will win the day when down is up and up is down. How to think like mavericks such as Branson, Jobs and Zuckerberg. Marketing is out, social media is in. Retail is dead, MLM is hot. Pharmaceuticals are down, tofu burgers are up.

The Next Great Depression or Coming Boom?

How mobile apps and other disruptive technology will eliminate millions of jobs and require retraining for millions more. Who will be the winners and losers?

Are You Raising Your Kids to be Poor?

Randy discusses his own childhood and how parents can avoid mistakes that made him poor.
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