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When you have stories about wealth, money, personal responsibility, or success, and you need fresh insights from an expert – Randy Gage is your man. Randy is a former high school dropout who rose from a jail cell as a teen to become a self-made multi-millionaire. Along the way, he overcame addictions, getting shot, and near bankruptcy to go on to inspire millions around the world. He is the author of nine bestselling books on prosperity and success that have been translated into 25 languages. His highly acclaimed new book, Risky is the New Safe, has been called "a step-by-step blueprint for succeeding in today's new world," and "a survival guide for an increasingly unpredictable future." It debuted #1 at Barnes & Noble on Oct. 30 and quickly rose to #1 on The Wall Street Journal Business and USA Today Money bestseller lists.

Risky is the New Safe shows how disruptive technology, accelerating speed of change and economic upheaval are changing the game when it comes to building wealth. Randy presents the problems with playing by conventional rules, blows them up with shocking, straightforward clarity, and then offers specific solutions readers can use to create prosperity in their lives. In this mind-bending book, he reveals:

- How mavericks like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Cuban think differently – and what you can learn from them;

- The six-month online course that could allow you to earn more than a PhD;

- How social media changes branding and marketing forever, and what that means for you;

- What happens when holo-suites and virtual-reality sex come about, and how you need to prepare;

- The new religion of ideas: How to become an "idea generator" and declare as a free agent;

- What will cause the Euro, precious metals, and oceanfront real estate to collapse – and how that can make you rich!

Randy is an experienced media guest who offers provocative straight talk about the personal responsibility necessary for success. With a style that's been described as "Deepak Chopra meets Dennis Miller," Randy brings his tough love approach on how to overcome limiting beliefs to become successful. Randy is bold, brash, and sometimes controversial, but never boring. He honed his message as a professional speaker, presenting to more than two million people in 50 countries.

Here's a sample of Some Popular Stories with Randy:

- How Pop Culture Programs you to be Broke
- Are You Raising Your Kids to Be Poor?
- Risky is the New Safe
- How Government Entitlement Programs Destroy Personal Initiative and Self-Esteem
- How Entrepreneurs Break Through
- Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?
- Poverty Doesn't Buy Happiness!
- Surviving Success…
- Do You Have Money Jealousy?
- The Coming Class Warfare
- Is Organized Religion Keeping You Broke?
- The Virtue of Selfishness
- Dealing with Negative People

Panels and Debates:
Randy is an experienced media guest and excels at debates and panel discussions.

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